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I like all the appreciation and love I am getting from both

MC Sher Siddhant Chaturvedi recently opened up about the love and admiration from his fans and his answer is heart-warming.

The Gully boy star shared, "I don't think it's just the female fan following because we mostly meet men only, like on social media there are female fans but there are men, there are so many guys. There are so many boys and kids who consider me like 'Sher Bhai' 'Sher Bhai'.  Everywhere I go, it's like so much of respect as a big brother. I think it's very much equal, men are not very much expressive on social media whereas in India females are very expressive and I love it, I like all the appreciation and love I am getting from both sides which boosts my passion to the next level." 

Ever since his debut, the actor has become an immediate fan favorite for his larger than life performance in Gully Boy as MC Sher The actor is elated as Gully Boy was recently announced as India's official entry into the Oscars adding to the list of international recognitions the movie has received. He will also be joining the cast of Inside Edge once again for the second season.

The actor is looking to further broaden his horizon and garner wider appeal and even though he is surrounded with some great scripts, he wants to play characters that hit the right chords and appeal to the masses.

With every project, the audiences can expect a breakthrough performance from the actor and everyone is embracing themselves to watch the actor on screen with all the projects under his hood.
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