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How is Vivaan turning people into stone on Sony SAB’s Baalve

Vivaan (Vansh Sayani) from Sony SAB's Baalveer Returns will be seen in possession of a rather unusual power. Whoever Vivaan touches, turns into a stone. Sony SAB's fantasy superhero show Baalveer Returns is set to take the viewers through a series of events where Timnasa (PavitraPunia) challenges Vivaan and Baalveer (Dev Joshi) with her wicked schemes.

Timnasa continues with her mission to abduct Vivaan and complete the Kaalsnan to gain his ultimate power. In her quest to accomplish this mission, she lands on earth disguised as a fruit seller, selling a cursed apple in an attempt to make Vivaan eat one.

Innocent Vivaan, unaware of Timnasa's plan, consumes the cursed fruit that gives him to power to turn anyone he touches into stone.

Situations take a rather serious turn when Vivaan witnesses his mother in danger and wants to protect her only to realise that his touch will turn her into stone.

Will Vivaan be able to save his mother? Will Baalveer come to Vivaan's rescue?
VanshSayani, essaying the role of Vivaan said, `Vivaan is still getting used to his powers and he will be facing a big challenge in the episodes further. Timnasa has been brewing a plan to abduct him and take control of his powers but she has failed in all her attempts so far. It will be an interesting for our viewers to watch if Vivaan is able to find a way out of Timnasa's trap and save his mother.`

PavitraPunia, essaying the role of Timnasa said, `Timnasa is closer than ever in gaining Vivaan's powers and her next plan is equally wicked than her previous ones. She is walking earth in various disguise to trick Vivaan into falling in her trap and this time she has even succeeded in cursing him. She is set to put Vivaan in the most difficult situation where he can either turn his mother into stone or let her be in danger. The upcoming episodes will certainly put our viewers to the edge of their seats. So, stay tuned.`

Watch Vivaan fight Timnasa's wicked scheme on Baalveer Returns every Monday-Friday at 8PM only on Sony SAB
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